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题目:Carbene Organic Catalysis: New Activation Modes and Rapid Synthesis of Functional Molecules(氮杂卡宾催化的新型活化模式及功能分子绿色高效构建)

报告人: 池永贵教授(南洋理工大学, 贵州大学,长江学者)

时间:  2019年4月23日10:00-11:30

地点:  理学实验楼409


摘要: The Chi laboratory is committed to the state-of-art original chemistry research that addresses problems of both fundamental and practical significance. A key objective is to develop green and efficient synthetic methods to make functional molecules, and to understand the principles guiding the bong breaking and formation events. We focus on the development of fundamentally novel basic catalytic activation modes with useful synthetic applications for the preparation of pharmaceuticals, agriculture chemicals, fine chemicals, and for efficient assembly and/or modification of polymers, biomolecules, and other functional molecules. Over the past years, we have developed new activation modes and synthetic transformations enabled by N-Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC) as the key organic catalyst. Immediate applications of my lab’s new catalytic approaches include concise and green processes for bioactive molecules such as valuable non-natural amino acids and their derivatives. On the fundamental side, our research has created new understanding of chemical reactivities and new concept on catalytic activations. The lab has also taken serous efforts on collaborative development on bioactive molecules and functional materials, and applied research for innovation and entrepreneurship. Examples of the lab’s research include: (a) NHC organic catalyst-enabled activation of carboxylic esters, including activation of the inert beta-sp3-carbon of saturated esters. (b) Biomimetic single-electron-transfer (SET) radical reactions enabled by NHC catalysts. (c) Oxidative NHC catalysis and reaction controls of aldehydes,

including remote-carbon functionalization. (d) Cooperative catalysis merging NHCs with other catalysts. (e) Rapid synthesis functional molecules, including concise asymmetric total synthesis of complex natural products. (f) Multi-disciplinary collaborative research, and application-driven research for innovation and


报告人简介:池永贵,贵州大学特聘教授,博导,教育部长江学者;新加坡南洋理工大学终身教授,正教授。研究领域涵盖有机催化,绿色有机合成,医药农药分子的研发及产业化;有机化学与功能材料,有机合成与化学生物学等的跨学科交叉领域的研究。在国内外(中国,新加坡,意大利)领衔开展了数十个由政府及企业资助的研发项目。以通讯作者在Nature Chemistry,J. Am. Chem. Soc.,Nature Commun.,Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.等国际权威刊物刊物上发表SCI论文90余篇,申请专利多项。获得了葛兰素史克和新加坡经济发展局绿色药物生产奖、亚洲核心化学讲座奖、新加坡杰出青年科学家奖、Thieme杂志的青年学者奖、新加坡国立研究基金会杰出科学家奖、新加坡南洋研究奖、美国Aldrich公司-耶鲁大学联合讲座奖、日本化学会讲座奖,日本东京化成工业株式会社-新加坡化学学会工业合成化学奖,中国侨界贡献奖一等奖等。先后入选新加坡国立基金会Fellow, Investigator, 中国教育部长江学者,科技部中青年创新领军人才,国家万人计划,贵州省十层次人才重点培养专家等。